Moving Through Hard Times With Grace

I have practiced yoga and Pilates for years.  Those practices have supported my health and allowed the physical integration of my spiritual practice.  Yet they have done something that today is equally important.  They have allowed me to sleep somewhat comfortably on the floor next to my dogs Luna and Sophie whenever they are ill or injured.  And since I am once more on the floor at night with Luna (whose back has gone out — again) something has occurred to me.  What we are going through globally with economic crises, health care nightmares, and everything else we thought was secure being rocked to its core — well, it’s the equivalent of having to sleep on the floor until who knows when.  And I realized, too, that most of us have prepared for this experience for years.  We have gotten therapy, studied sacred texts, explored human potential programs, studied with important teachers and gurus.  We thought we were improving ourselves and growing, and we were.  Yet we were also preparing for this time on the planet.

Hence this blog. 

 I plan to share my experiences and promise to keep it real with no esoteric gobbledygook or fluffy bunny platitudes.  And I’ll keep it balanced without doom and gloom mongering.  I will share whatever ah-ha’s come along the way and ask that you do the same.  In doing so I trust we will find the gems hiding in the back of this cave.   

OK then.  Here we go.


One Response to “Moving Through Hard Times With Grace”

  1. Lori Altstatt Says:

    As usual…you are right on time…and I suppose I am too. I decided afer a long vacation from my computer that I will try again (it is consistingly slow and often ill) like me. I am not kidding….every single written word from lovely Lorena spoke to me as I am today…and I mean today…so today is my Holloween and thank you…and I love and miss you…and the humiliation thing? just this morning I walked through that in my heart…amazing to me. I am sorry to hear about Bailey Sue…yet I undersand about her spirit…I feel so close to my dear Baylee Helen…she will never end for me. And yes…I am experiencing moving through very difficult times and yet I believe very strongly that this is just part of my spiritual awakening and part of my life…in a way, avery strange way…I am grateful for this time…as I am so grateful to you and to St Teresa of Avilla…she moves me like no other …love and a huge hug Lori…P.S. there is a woman in our neighborhood who walks her dog in a stroller…I have always liked that woman and her little dogie too.

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