The Great Squirrel Caper

Now that I’ve settled down and my heart rate has recovered from OMG!!! status, let me share this morning’s excitement.

My dog Sophie is a girly-girl pekapoo with a real appetite for fashion accessories like colorful collars and bows.  She weighs only 13 lbs. and has a delicate bite as she ever so gently takes treats from the hand as if to ask, “May I?” Today, however, another side of Sophie showed up.  She went into the back yard for a potty break.  Instead she made a break for the great oak tree, jumped high and snatched a squirrel off the bark.  The squirrel screamed and so did I.  Sophie had him by the throat and when I yelled, “Drop it!”  She did.  And when I yelled, “Into the house!” she returned to the back door.  I was as surprised by her obedience as I was that she caught a squirrel in the first place. 

Not to leave you in suspense the squirrel was breathing heavily at first, collapsed on the grass, and then on his own returned to his nest in the big tree.

Unbelievable.  Unbelievable how a being as gentle and soft as Sophie can shift into hunter/killer mode without missing a beat.  Unbelievable how a squirrel who taunted her earlier this morning was foolish enough to have another go at it.  Unbelievable how life can turn on a dime, isn’t it?  One minute things are smooth as can be; the next pandemonium has broken out.  And in the same spirit, one moment may find us in panic and chaos; and the next we can drop into serenity and peace.

When I was a young Brownie Scout we were taught to expect the unexpected.  I suppose this could be an invitation to develop an anxiety disorder.  For me, though, it is a reminder that anything is possible and that unknown blessings may well be on their way.

Wishing you a fine day from Sophie, the squirrel, and me.

in Love and Service,



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