Bailey Sue: Fire Dog Extraordinaire

Bailey Sue left planet earth today.  Rather, it was her body that left planet earth.  Bailey has been doing the Hokey Pokey for the last several weeks and today she made her exit strategy clear.   Bailey had the great good fortune and wisdom of finding her way to my amazing friend Noreen who has tended her with open heart from day one.  I know of no other relationship that has spoken so much of love and devotion as theirs.  And so today marks a passing that shakes me in a way that from time to time finds me not only inconsolable, it finds me joyful beyond description.  Love, after all,  is eternal.  And so is joy.  Love and joy — that was Bailey Sue.

Thank you, Bailey.  You were the best rule maker, rule keeper, let’s play, why are you holding back?, where’s the party?, go for it girl I ever did know.  You will be in my heart forever, and I am so grateful for all of it.

in Love and Service,

(Aunt) Lorena


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